The Mandala

We Are All Unique

The mandala is a symmetrical circular pattern, can be of simple designs or more complex with many colours.

Mandalas are considered by many to have spiritual significance and are used as a focus for meditation in Buddhism. The circle may be seen to represent the universe and the meditator is drawn inwards to contemplate the intricacies of the design. The mandala serves to guide the mind to a place of stillness where learning and reflection can take place leading to deep healing.

We are all unique with our own internal mandala which is complex and of great beauty.

Hypnotherapy draws us deeply into that centre to contemplate our life and what has influenced us.  It is in this place of stillness that we can see things clearly and, without the distractions of the conscious mind, we can abandon old beliefs which no longer serve us in favour of behaviours which promote our well being.  This can be a profound journey resulting in significant and long lasting benefits.

The values of trust, freedom and clarity sit at the heart of Mandala Hypnotherapy.  I so look forward to welcoming you and supporting you on your journey inwards.

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