Hypnotherapy For Anxiety


We all experience anxiety at times

In fact it is a normal part of life helping us to plan for events such as a job interview or moving house.  Thinking of future events in this way helps up to plan solutions and prevent problems. However sometimes we can become locked into a cycle of worrying about the worst-case scenario and feeling that we won’t be able to cope.

On such occasions these anxious thought patterns can become constant, dominating much of our lives and preventing us from doing the things we enjoy.

Anxiety can manifest in unpleasant physical sensations too such as breathlessness, sweating palms, inability to relax, poor concentration, difficulty sleeping.  It may feel as if you have no control over this.

If you feel that anxiety is taking over your life, for example if you’re constantly worrying or stuggling to sleep, then hypnotherapy can help you to relax and to take steps to manage your well-being so that you can move forwards.

Anxiety UK is a national charity which promotes the benefits of quality treatments for anxiety.  I have undertaken some additional training with them to identify and understand different anxiety disorders.  I am pleased to let you know that I am able to offer you a hypnotherapy package which will enable you to move beyond the limits of your anxiety.

Whether you have had anxiety for a long time and whether or not you know the cause I can help you.

During our first meeting we can will identify your concerns and set realistic goals.  All sessions will be tailor made to your needs with the aim of reducing your symptoms and helping you to move forwards as quickly as possible.

I use a range of advanced hypnotherapy techniques which will help you to relax and also to look deeper for the triggers of your anxiety which may not be immediately apparent.  Once these have been recognised you will be able to replace them with behaviours which are more beneficial to your well being.

The techniques I use are also beneficial for specific situations which may be causing you stress such as public speaking or pending lifestyle changes which keeping you awake at night.

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